Flamma FM10 Mixing Console
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Flamma FM10 Mixing Console

Flamma FM10 Mixing Console

Just got this a few weeks ago and quickly started putting through it’s paces. I’ve only know one other mixer that could powered by the USB bus and that was a tiny Behringer mixer with not as many features as the Flamma FM10. I’m still amazed that they could achieve the power handling along with the DSP for the effects. This mixer has everything I need, to channels with clean mic preamps. The second mic channels has the one feature I cannot live without, a dedicated “instrument” input for guitar or bass AND with built in effects. The effects and are modified through software that you download to your computer. You still apply the effects with the buttons on the mixer, meaning you can turn them on or off. The guitar amp simulation as actually really good! I love the fact that I can go mobile with nothing but a laptop and a pair of headphones and mac music on the go, since the mixer can be power by my laptops USB bus (as long as its 500 mA you are good to go). Each channel has a -10db pad switch. The first mic channels has a 48volt phantom power switch you can use high quality condenser microphones. There’s even a monitor mute switch that mutes channels 1&2 simultaneously. The is a loopback function that will allow you to play along with backing tracks off your computer and at the same time send that signal back into the computer. This little mixer is VERY versatile and was well worth the purchase!


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  • Elliot Holden
    Posted at 01:07h, 22 April

    I loved doing this review of the Flamma FM10 Mixing Console. With all the features of this mixer it has really become indispensable in my workflow.

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