All music written by Elliot Holden unless otherwise noted. Lunarblush Music is an Elliot Holden company and a “one stop” music publishing service. If you would like to license any of the music on this site please contact: [email protected]  or call (404) 500-6577.

Losing Game – song graphic
Losing Game (Vocal)
Produced by Elliot Holden -
featuring Laura Belle and Ric Flo
Wonderful Thangs ft. Salakida – song graphic
Wonderful Thangs ft. Salakida
I wrote this song many years ago, around 2001. It gives me that Sly Stone 70's type vibe.
Rocky Theme
Rocky Theme
Get It – song graphic
Control Freak (Instrumental)
Nobody’s Hero – song graphic
Nobody's Hero (Instrumental)
Produced by 2probeats - featuring Urban Guitar Legend
Cello Suite Song Image
Cello Suite No. 1 (Instrumental)
Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 reworked.
Get It – song graphic
Get It (Instrumental)
Urban Guitar Legend
Glass Ceilings
Elliot Holden (Urban Guitar Legend)
Spark (Instrumental)