Music Catalog
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Music Catalog

All music written by Elliot Holden unless otherwise noted. Lunarblush Music is an Elliot Holden company and a “one stop” music publishing service. If you would like to license any of the music on this site please use the form below.

Cinematic Urban

In this section (Cinematic Urban) you will find music that corresponds to the “producer” side of Elliot Holden. From Hip Hop to Jazz to EDM and everything in between.

See You Again – song image
See You Again
Elliot Holden (Urban Guitar Legend)
Spark (Instrumental)

Inception – Song Image
Glass Ceilings
"Glass Ceilings"

Cello Suite Song Image
Cello Suite No. 1 (Instrumental)
Bach's Cello Suite No. 1 reworked.
Get It – song graphic
Control Freak (Instrumental)
Losing Game – song graphic
Losing Game (Vocal)
Produced by Elliot Holden -
featuring Laura Belle and Ric Flo
Wonderful Thangs ft. Salakida – song graphic
Wonderful Thangs ft. Salakida
I wrote this song many years ago, around 2001. It gives me that Sly Stone 70's type vibe.

Get It – song graphic
Get It
Nobody’s Hero – song graphic
Nobody's Hero
Produced by 2probeats - featuring Urban Guitar Legend


This section (Albums) showcases the “rock guitar” side of Elliot Holden. His first 3 albums were majority “rock instrumental” based with a few surprises thrown in for good measure.

From the album “EUDOKNOWMI”

released 2012

Eudoknowmi Album Cover
UnderdogRock OnFlow ControlJohannyDay By DayDeep SoulEudoknowmiNearly Civilized

From the album “RADIANCE”

released 2005

Radiance Album Cover
CanonDieselGwenGhettoLittle Big WomanRadianceWe Be DeliciousLoradeath

From the album “WE BE DELICIOUS”

released 2001

Late Night (Free Beer)SavannahWonderful ThangsHargrooveLife Is A CookieDearly Departed (Full)Texas LeadImproviseMisunderstoodHuh WhatWe Be Delicious